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Mobile Phone Trade-in and Buyback Price in Oxfordshire, by WeFix

Updated on 04/12/2023

At WeFix & Trade, I offer comprehensive Trade-in and Buyback services in Oxfordshire for a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. I buyback all brands and models including iPhone, iPad Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Google, OnePlus devices, and many more.

If you are looking to sell your brand new mobile device, re-contract phone, used and old phone and/or pre-owned tablet, I buy them all! I offer the best phone resale price in Oxfordshire at the best value in town.

With multiple retail locations in Oxfordshire , I’m sure you can find a convenient trade-in location to sell your mobile phone. Furthermore, I also have mobile phone trade-in pickup service as well!

Scroll down to check out my prices in the detailed price tables below.

Trustworthy And Reliable Mobile Phone Shop Near You

ISO Certified and CaseTrust Accredited, you can ensure a fair and honest trade with me. My pricing is 100% transparent and updated daily to remain competitive. Find out more about my certifications here.

All my mobile phones are inspected extensively and thoroughly. To ensure a high-quality experience for my customers, I’ve developed a meticulous inspection process before mobile devices are sold or traded in.

Whether you’re looking for mobile phone repair or to purchase a phone from me, my 100-steps inspection process will give you the peace of mind you need.

If you would like to book a repair appointment, please visit my repair page. To find out more about my phone listings,  please visit our carousel page. Feel free to get in touch with me if you require any assistance.

iPhone 15 Buyback Oxfordshire

iPhone 15 Lineups

Looking to get a buyback service for your latest iPhone 15? Want to get the most money out of the latest Apple device? Come to WeFix Mobile for the best price in Oxfordshire! I offer the best price in my buyback service for the upcoming iPhone 15!

My pricing is constantly updated to remain competitive in the ever-changing market. Hence, I highly suggest you give me a call or use the WhatsApp button to enquire and lock in the price before proceeding to my outlet.

Wait no more! You are just a few simple steps away from getting the most cash out of the iPhone 15.

Are you ready? Like clockwork, Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 15 lineups on 12 September 2023! This year around, we most likely will see the following lineups:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

Looking to re-contract your mobile plan but wish to continue using your current phone? Worry not! Get the new iPhone 15 lineups and come to me to do a buyback service! WeFix Mobile offers the best price for iPhone 15 buybacks in Oxfordshire!

Mobile Phone Trade-In – What's That?

Mobile phone trade-in means selling your mobile phone to a reseller and converting that device into cash, according to it’s trade in values! Then, you can then decide if you want to use the money to buy another phone or keep it for something else. It’s a common and smart way to trade-in a used device for a new one in Oxfordshire. In addition, WeFix Mobile takes in not only mobile phones, but also other Apple devices, Samsung tablets, and so on.

Trade-in and Buybacks Terms and Conditions for WeFix Mobile

To secure your trade-in prices, contact me to lock it in with me before your visit. Access my contact details at the top page or use the WhatsApp button. Prices may fluctuate during the day and locked prices are guaranteed only upon text confirmation. I am NOT liable for any price changes outside the lock periods without confirmation.

New Phone Buyback Oxfordshire:

  • Above all, I do not deduct the buyback price if you are only selling your device without purchase.
  • The phone trade-in price is valid if you have less than 3 units to trade in or sell. Hence, if you wish to sell in bulk, please contact me to confirm the price before visiting.
  • The phone price lists are valid for mobile phones which are bought locally and meant for local use (ie. Local Set).
  • I need all the original accessories. To ensure that you are given the highest trade-in value, please present all the original accessories. For example, when you are opting for my iPhone trade-in, I will require ALL accessories in the box including the box itself, charger, earpiece, original packaging, etc.
  • You must provide your Identity Card at the point of transaction. To explain further, we need your NRIC for the trade-in process as part of the requirements of the Oxfordshire Police Force, Additionally, I am required to adhere to the rules and regulations of our Secondhand Dealers’ License.
  • Prices are valid for same-day transactions only. It is important to check again if you wish to trade in your device another day. Conversely, I update my trade-in prices daily for every model.
  • My definition of a brand new set is a mobile device that is unused, in its original packaging, and less than 3 days old. For example, a unit that is new but bought 6 months ago is considered as a used set. As such, you should carry out your due diligence to inquire if you feel there are discrepancies to my definition of “Brand New Phone”.

Used Phone Trade-In Oxfordshire

  • My advertised prices quoted above includes ALL the original accessories such as the box, charger, earpieces, and adaptors. Hence, the price will be lower if there are any missing accessories. Faulty, torn, and non-original accessories are not accepted.
  • My final trade-in price is subjected to visual and functional check by my sales team at my stores.
  • WeFix Mobile reserves the right to reject your buyback offer after assessment.
  • The device you are trading in must not have been repaired before. For example, if you are visiting for “iPhone trade-in Oxfordshire” and your iPhone screen has been replaced before, it will affect the final trade-in value.
  • For higher trade-in value, ensure that the mobile device is in good condition with no inherent defects.
  • You must provide your Identity Card at the point of transaction.  To explain, I need your NRIC for when trading-in as part of the requirements of the Oxfordshire Police Force. Additionally, I am required to adhere to the rules and regulations of our Secondhand Dealers’ License.

Got a broken phone to sell? Check out my repair costs for the estimated deductions of trading in your old phone.

Phone Trade-In in Oxfordshire – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am keen to trade in my device with WeFix Mobile Oxfordshire. How can I trade in my phone?

You should first contact me via WhatsApp or hit the WhatsApp button. Next, I will send you a confirmation text for you to show my retail team at the store. Here is a sample text you can send me to kickstart the process:

Hi, I would like to sell my <Model, Capacity & Color>. It comes a full set. . I have seen that the trade-in price from your online quotation is <£xxx>. Can I visit on to deal?

Q2. Are there any hidden deductions?

There will be NO further deductions beyond my advertised base prices and deductions. For example, if my trade-in price list states that the deduction for a dented housing in £, I will not deduct any more than that.

Q3. How much is a used <xxx phone> worth? Can you give me a better price?

I believe that the high trade-in prices I have quoted are fair, transparent, and reasonable. However, if you have valid reasons to believe you deserve a higher price for your set (for example, your used phone has barely been used and is as good as new), feel free to contact our admin at +6592230410 for negotiation. On the other hand, do note that I turn down most of these requests, and my room for negotiation is minimal.

Q4. I forgot to bring my telco receipt and/or box and/or accessories for my iPhone. Can I bring them back at a later date?

YES, you can return the missing accessories at a later date. However, I will hold a sum of money which you can redeem after you return the missing accessories.

Q5. Will I receive cash immediately after the trade-in phone Oxfordshire transaction?

Yes, all transactions will be paid by Cash or PayNow.

Q6. Why do I have to present my NRIC when trading in my phone? Is my personal data safe?

I cannot accept your trade-in service if you are unable to present your NRIC or passport at the point of transaction. Therefore, you should bring your NRIC for trade-in, as part of the requirements of the Oxfordshire Police Force. Additionally, I am required to adhere to the rules and regulations of my Secondhand Dealers’ License. Furthermore, I am bound by Oxfordshire's PDPA law to protect your data against unauthorized access. As such, I will not use your personal data for marketing purposes.