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Affordable Samsung Phone Repairs in Oxfordshire

As Oxfordshire’s premier phone repair shop, WeFix & Trade is your go-to destination for quick and reliable Samsung phone repairs. Our technicians, with years of experience dating back to 2010, ensure professional service backed by a comprehensive 30-day warranty.


Our Locations

WeFix & Trade has branches conveniently located across Oxfordshire! Explore all our outlets [here](link).


Common Samsung Repairs

  • Screen replacement
  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Back glass replacement
  • Charging port replacement
  • Camera replacement or removal
  • Motherboard repairs


Samsung Screen Replacement

If your phone has a cracked screen, a replacement is essential. Our service centers offer two grades of screens: Grade A, equivalent to the original, and Grade B, which is more affordable but may have faded colors and be prone to cracking.


Samsung LCD Replacement

An LCD replacement involves replacing the display panel behind the screen. It usually comes as a set with the screen and may be more expensive than screen replacement. We offer Grade A and Grade B LCD options.


Samsung Back Glass Replacement

Even the toughest glass on newer phones can shatter upon impact. Our technicians can replace the back glass quickly, usually within 60 minutes, ensuring your phone is safe to use.


Samsung Battery Replacement

Battery issues are common due to daily usage. Our A-grade batteries are as good as the original, and our replacement service is cost-effective compared to Samsung customer service centers.


Samsung Charging Port Replacement

If your phone doesn’t charge properly or only charges at certain angles, a charging port replacement may be necessary. Our technicians can diagnose and replace faulty charging ports efficiently.


Samsung Camera Repair Services

From lens replacements to camera module repairs, we offer Grade A camera parts and professional repair services. Our camera removal service, popular among those serving NS, adheres strictly to camp guidelines.


Samsung Motherboard Repair

Our experienced technicians can tackle complex motherboard issues, offering repair services rather than costly replacements. Repairing the motherboard preserves your phone’s data and ensures a longer lifespan.


Samsung Water Damage Repair

Water damage can be tricky to assess and repair. Our chemical wash service helps extend your phone’s lifespan, but severe damage may require part replacements.



Q: How much does it cost to fix a Samsung screen?

A: Prices vary based on the phone model. Special devices like Samsung Z Flip and Z Fold may cost more, but often come with special warranties. Check [here](link) for specific prices.

Q: How long does a Samsung phone repair usually take?

A: Repair times vary depending on the type of repair needed and the availability of parts. However, most repairs can be completed within 60 minutes.

Q: Will repairing my Samsung phone void its warranty?

A: It depends on the terms of your warranty. Repairs performed by unauthorised service providers may void your warranty. However, we ensure professional repairs and provide a comprehensive 30-day warranty.

Q: Can you recover data from a water-damaged Samsung phone?

A: In some cases, data recovery is possible after water damage. However, it depends on the extent of the damage. We recommend bringing your phone in as soon as possible for assessment.

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