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Welcome to Restore Technology – Your Ultimate IT Equipment Disposal Partner!

Have you found yourself surrounded by a pile of outdated IT equipment, unsure about the best way to dispose of it while safeguarding sensitive data and minimising environmental impact? Look no further! Restore Technology is your bespoke solution for IT disposal, offering a comprehensive service that prioritises secure data destruction, sustainability, and strict compliance with GDPR and WEEE directives.

We offer laptop disposal, desktop disposal, server disposal and other IT equipment disposal to businesses.


Within our IT disposal services we offer data destruction that supports GDPR requirements, while our hardware processes comply fully with WEEE directives so you can be certain your assets will be handled in a fully secure and environmentally friendly way.

Why Choose Our IT Disposal Services?

  1. End-to-End Asset Tracking: We understand the importance of accountability. Our services come with meticulous end-to-end asset tracking, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the disposal process.
  2. Compliant Data Destruction: Worried about data security? Our IT disposal services include top-notch data destruction processes that align with GDPR requirements. Your sensitive information stays protected from start to finish.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: We’re committed to a greener planet. Our hardware processes adhere fully to WEEE directives, ensuring that your assets are handled with care, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need:
Our expert team operates across the UK, facilitating nationwide IT equipment disposal. Whether you’re dealing with a small collection of devices or a substantial load, we have the expertise to assist you. Curious about the cost? Get a Quote Now! *Subject to volume and type of asset.*

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    Why choose Restore Technology?

    • We are the largest IT disposal company in the UK processing millions of assets for thousands of customers every year.
    • We deliver a secure, nationwide service with a fleet of GPS tracked vehicles and have a zero-landfill policy.

    Why Restore Technology?

    Unrivaled Expertise: As the largest IT disposal company in the UK, we manage millions of assets annually, earning the trust of thousands of satisfied customers.

    National Reach: Our services extend across the nation, supported by a fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles. We’re where you need us to be.

    Zero-Landfill Policy:  We take environmental responsibility seriously. Our commitment to a zero-landfill policy reflects our dedication to sustainable practices.

    Ready to bid farewell to the burden of outdated IT equipment? Choose Restore Technology for a seamless, secure, and eco-friendly IT disposal experience. Let’s turn the page on your IT equipment journey together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We dispose of all forms of IT hardware. This includes PCs, laptops, monitors, hard drives, servers, printers, network equipment and more. In fact, as part of our WEEE recycling process, we can dispose of pretty much anything which uses a plug!

    Cyber security is weaved into everything we do. From our sites to our staff, from processing to logistics, every part of the journey is considered in meticulous detail in order to guarantee the safety of the assets we handle. We are accredited with all the necessary security certificates, and make use of comprehensive tracking processes to keep tabs on every asset, in real-time. For more information about our security processes, take a look at our security page or get in touch.

    We provide full documentation for the services we carry out, including certificates of destruction. We are able to provide audit reports and environmental reporting, and thanks to our customer service portal, Streams, our clients are able to track their assets and download any required documentation in seconds.

    We are very highly accredited, and have awards to highlight our quality of service. We hold certifications for our security, for our sustainability, and our safety.

    When the assets we process have residual value, we are able to recoup funds by refurbishing and remarketing them. Our team of highly experienced IT remarketers are able to secure the maximum value from the assets, and these funds can be used to offset the cost of the services we rebate, or when they equipment is of a particularly high quality, we can even return direct rebates to our clients.

    We are fully compliant with all UK regulations, including environmental and security regulations, and are able to meet any data destruction standard globally.

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