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Premier iPhone Repair Services in Oxford


At WeFix & Trade, we pride ourselves on being Oxford’s go-to destination for iPhone repairs. With a stellar track record and unbeatable prices, we’re your one-stop solution for all things iPhone.



Explore Our Services:

iPhone Screen Replacement:

Say goodbye to cracked screens with our swift and affordable screen replacement service. Choose from Grade A or Grade B screens, both completed within 60 minutes.


iPhone Back Glass Replacement:

Whether it’s a bent housing or a cracked back glass, we’ll have your iPhone looking brand new in no time.


iPhone Battery Replacement:

Revive your iPhone’s battery life with our A-grade replacements, completed in just 30 minutes.


iPhone Charging Port Replacement:

Don’t let charging issues slow you down. Our fast and affordable charging port replacements will keep your iPhone juiced up and ready to go.


iPhone Camera and Lens Replacement:

Capture memories with crystal clarity. Our expert technicians will restore your iPhone’s camera functionality in no time.


iPhone Motherboard Repair:

Trust our experienced technicians to diagnose and repair common motherboard problems, preserving your precious data.


iPhone Water Damage Repair:

Did your iPhone take an unexpected dip? Our quick and effective water damage repairs will bring it back to life.


iPhone Home Button Replacement:

Say goodbye to unresponsive home buttons. Let us fix it up for you in a flash.


iPhone Speaker Replacement:

Experience crystal-clear audio once again with our speaker replacements, completed swiftly and affordably.


iPhone Button Replacement:

Get seamless functionality restored with our button replacements, completed with precision and care.


With our comprehensive range of services and commitment to quality, WeFix & Trade is your trusted partner for iPhone repair in Oxford. Contact us today and experience the difference!


And don’t forget to select your desired repair option via our easy-to-use form. Whether it’s screen replacement, battery repair, water damage restoration, or any other iPhone woe, we’ve got you covered. Simply choose your desired service, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s make iPhone repairs as stress-free as possible – because laughter truly is the best medicine!

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