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Affordable LG Repair Services in Oxfordshire

Looking for cost-effective LG repair services in Oxfordshire? Look no further than WeFix & Trade, your trusted repair shop!


Why Choose Us?

Quality Repairs: WeFix & Trade offers top-notch repair services with a focus on quality and reliability.

Swift Turnaround: With our in-house repairs, we can fix 90% of LG issues within 60 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime for our customers.

Transparent Pricing: Our repair costs are competitive and inclusive of labor charges, providing you with clarity and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Service: Whether it’s screen replacement or LCD repair, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of repair services for various LG models.


LG Screen Replacement

  • Screen replacement is a common issue, especially after accidental drops. Our affordable repair service ensures a quick fix within 60 minutes.


To Buy Or Enquire Further:

  • Purchase this service if your screen has a noticeable crack and your device is functional with no display issues.
  • Enquire further if your device doesn’t charge or if the screen touch is unresponsive, as it may indicate a faulty LCD.


LG LCD Replacement

  • LCD replacement is essential for restoring functionality to your device after a cracked screen. Our quick and cost-effective repair service ensures minimal disruption to your usage.


To Buy Or Enquire Further:

  • Opt for this service if your LCD has a noticeable crack or if your screen is non-functional with display issues.
  • Enquire further if your display is intact but unresponsive to touch, as it may require screen replacement.


Visit Us Today!

Explore our repair services for LG and other brands on our website. With efficient repairs and friendly service, WeFix & Trade is your go-to destination for affordable LG repairs in Oxfordshire!

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