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Cheapest Asus Repairs In Oxfordshire

WeFix Mobile is the best third-party Asus repair centre in Oxfordshire!

All our repairs are done in-house and on the spot, hence same-day collection is not a problem.

Our Asus repair center can fix 90% of problems regarding the Asus mobile phone and be fixed within 60 – 90 minutes.

We will inform customers first hand if their repair would take longer.

To ensure quality services are provided, we encourage customers to make appointment booking beforehand.

We also encourage customers to visit the official Asus service centre if their Asus mobile phones are within the warranty duration.

This is important as any warranty duration left will be voided if the customer proceeded for a repair with ANY third-party repairer.

All prices offered for our Asus repair cost are inclusive of the labor charge.

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Common Issues For Asus Repair In Oxfordshire

Asus Screen And LCD Replacement

Among all, screen and/or LCD replacements are the most common and frustrating, especially among Asus’s gaming phones.

SCREEN and LCD often cause confusion among customers. In fact, screen and LCD are actually two different parts, although both sound the same.

In short, customers ONLY need screen replacement service IF:

  • there are obvious crack on the screen
  • there are no lines, marks, and/or black dots on the display
  • the display still works and the screen touch is still responsive

While customers MUST opt for LCD replacement service IF:

  • there are lines, marks, and/or black dots across the display
  • screen touch is not responsive or only half the screen is responsive
  • there is no display at all after the phone drops

Asus Battery Replacement

Asus ROG phones usually come with bigger batteries to cater to the gaming niche.

However, as mobile games nowadays run on graphics comparable to consoles and Pcs, they can sharply harm a phone’s battery.

Oftentimes, mobile gamers end up playing while charging their phones. This habit will cause the phone’s battery to deteriorate faster than normal.

Some symptoms of a bad battery include faster battery consumption, bloated feeling on the back of the phone, and batteries unable to charge.

On the contrary, battery replacements are actually an easy repair. Technicians at our Asus repair shop are able to replace the Asus battery within 60 minutes.

Case Trust Accreditation

With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be sure of fair business practices for handphone repair.

Another key point is that we are one of the ONLY two mobile repair shops in Oxfordshire to attain CaseTrust!

Ever bought defective Asus parts from other Asus repair centre? Were there lots of inconveniences by dishonest Asus repair shop?

Good news! Now you don’t have to spend so much time checking your product for flaws. No need to pour over the fine print of contracts.