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iPhone repair by WeFix Mobile is award-winning with CaseTrust accreditation. We are also one of the best-reviewed repairer in Oxfordshire. To be the best Apple service centre Oxfordshire, we combine fast iPhone repair and professional customer service.

We provide quality and reliable Apple repair in Oxfordshire, truly striving to provide excellent services as the best Apple service center Oxfordshire at the lowest price for any iPhone repair.

WeFix Mobile is an Independent Repairer, with access to 100% genuine parts, Apple diagnostic tools, and training certificates for all of our Apple-certified technicians.

We also provide one of the cheapest iPhone repair services in Oxfordshire, with comprehensive iPhone repair price lists to find exactly what you need.

iPhone repair prices at our iPhone service center are nett and inclusive of labor fees.

Generally, our iPhone repair waiting time is within 60 minutes. 90% of the iPhone repair can be done quickly in our iPhone service center in Oxfordshire. Additionally, you can visit our web catalog to find additional information.

Independent Repair Provider

We have access to exclusive Apple diagnostic tools, repair processes, and most importantly GENUINEiPhone battery parts supplied directly from Apple!

Verify WeFix Mobile as a recognized Independent Repair Provider.

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Apple Repair Warranty

Before coming down to us for an iPhone repair, please check if your device is still covered under the Apple limited warranty .

Check your warranty status here.

This is very important because once we have proceeded with the repair, the Apple warranty will be void.

All our iPhone repair services come with a 30 warranty. Do note that this warranty is provided by us – WeFix Mobile, and not the official Apple store.

Common Apple IPhone Repairs In Oxfordshire

1. IPhone Screen/LCD Replacement

Screen replacements and LCD replacements are the most common repairs we face. Customers often get confused between screen replacement and LCD replacement.

iPhone screen replacement requires your phone’s display to be functional. There should not be any black spots or strange lines on the display and the touch sensitivity is still working.In the case of black dots or colored lines appearing, the only solution is to opt for LCD replacement.When we do an LCD replacement, we essentially replaced both the LCD display and the screen at the same time. When we do a screen replacement, we basically cut out the outer glass protecting the display and replace that layer of glass ONLY.

2. IPhone Battery Replacement

Apple iPhones are known to have a lower battery capacity. While it performs day-to-day tasks with no issues, heavier uses such as gaming will cause battery depletion quickly.

A phone’s battery is constantly deteriorating after each charge. Some simple indications of a bad battery include faster draining, heating up even on idle state, battery bloating, and reduced battery health.

3. IPhone Water Damage Repair

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the first Water Resistant iPhones Apple introduced with an IP67 rating. Devices with an IP67 rating are able to survive a 30-minute dive at a maximum depth of 1 meter deep.As of iPhone 11 series, we now have iPhones that are IP68!According to Gadget Hacks, the IP68 can be divided into three sections:

  • IP: This stands for “International Protection” but is also known as “Ingress Protection,” the rating system for the dust- and water-resistance of electronic devices.
  • 6: This number signifies the dust protection rating. A rating of “6” indicates complete protection against dust. After testing for eight hours, there was no ingress of dust.
  • 8: This number is the water resistance rating. An “8” means that the iPhone can be fully submerged for one meter or more for up to 30 minutes without causing any water damage to the phone. However, not all “8” ratings are equal. The OEMs can modify both the depth and the duration of the testing as long as the minimum is one meter. In the case of the new iPhones, Apple asked for the testing be done at a depth of four meters for 30 minutes. This is double last year iPhone XS and XS Max.

There is a fine line of difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant. Any product advertised as waterproof implies that it is completely indestructible by water.

However, such is not the case when it comes to smartphones. That’s why Apple, and any smartphone manufacturers, advertise their devices as Water-resistant and not waterproof.Also do take note that almost none of the smartphone manufacturers provide warranty coverages for devices that are suffering water damage.

4. IPhone Charging Port Replacement

Damages on the charging port are fairly common because we use them every day to charge our devices.Some indications include slower charging, unable to charge even with a working charging cable and charging brick, or you can only charge your device at a certain angle when plugged in.Depending on phone models, charging port replacements are usually very simple to process.

Mister Mobile service centre across Oxfordshire can usually replace a new charging port within 45 minutes – 60 minutes, depending on phone models.

5. IPhone Back Glass Replacement

Glass-backed smartphones are common these days and the very first iPhones to implement a glass design was Apple way back in 2010 on the iPhone 4.However, Apple switched back to metal designs for subsequent models. That is until the glass designs made their comeback seven years later in the iPhone 8 series and others started to follow.Glass-backed devices are more fragile by nature hence leading to an increase in back glass replacement service.

6. IPhone Front Camera, Rear Camera, And Camera Lens

Fun fact, Every new iPhone after the first generation iPhone SE has an increasing camera bump size.The bump was a result of the science behind how iPhones take high-quality photos.However, the bump also posed a few problems. One is the vulnerability of the camera lens scratching.The front camera and rear camera are usually quite sturdy but may also be broken mainly due to a series of drop and/or water damaged.

7. IPhone Camera Removal Service

iPhone Camera Removal is a popular service in Oxfordshire. It is the norm for most Oxfordshire boys who are serving NS (National Service). This is because most army camps in Oxfordshire have designated red zones which prohibit the possession of camera smartphones.The requirements of army camps are vastly different.Some camps allow only sandblasting, while some of them allow camera removal. Others allow covering up of the camera lens from the inside with a piece of material.It is important to check your camp’s guidelines carefully before approaching us for iPhone camera removal.It is important for reliable iPhone camera removal service with Mister Mobile to adhere to the rules of these army camps. Come to Mister Mobile for a reliable iPhone camera removal service which adheres to the rules and regulations of NS (National Service).

We have provided iPhone camera removal services at cheap iPhone repair costs in our shop. Countless customers in Oxfordshire are satisfied with our services.

How Is This Camera Removal Service Like?

The iPhone camera will be returned to you after removal – you can easily re-install the camera with service providers in the future.Both the front and rear cameras will be removed at a one-time cost. No need to pay twice to remove both cameras.You can choose between camera removal, sandblasting, or cover-up of the camera lens from inside.Our iPhone camera removal service adheres strictly to the guidelines of Army camps for NS. Come to us for peace of mind.

8. IPhone Motherboard Repair

iPhone motherboard repair in Oxfordshire is common and frustrating. The motherboard of your phone is essential and affects your usage.Most iPhone repair shops in Oxfordshire do not have the skill to fix the iPhone motherboard. Their iPhone repair cost for motherboard repair is much more expensive as well. Not Mister Mobile.

With highly experienced technicians, we can solve all common motherboard problems such as:

  • Audio IC
  • Power IC
  • U2 IC
  • Touch IC
  • Touch disease repair
  • shorted motherboard
  • hard disk

9. IPhone Speaker Replacement

As rare as it sounds, speaker or hearing port replacement is actually quite common.The speaker of your phone is essential and affects your usage.

Speaker replacement is a simple process that completes within 30 minutes and the repair cost in our shop is relatively cheap too.

10. IPhone Home Button Replacement

Note that there are a few parts that may affect the iPhone Touch ID or home button.We will do a free check for you. The prices may vary slightly.

Based on our experience, the success rate of iPhone Touch ID repair in Oxfordshire is about 70%.There will be no charges if we cannot fix your phone.

Common FAQs On IPhone Repair

Does Mister Mobile fix other Apple products such as MacBook ( MacBook Pro, MacBook Air )?Yes!How much does Apple repair cost?Official Apple Stores provides repairs ranging from S$400 and up to S$889 or more, which is substantially higer than Mister Mobile’s prices.How do I contact Apple support Oxfordshire? You can reach Apple Oxfordshire at 800-186-1087 if you are calling from within Oxfordshire.How do I get my Apple product repaired?Two choices: Official Apple Store or Mister Mobile.

Case Trust Accreditation

  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be sure of fair business practices for handphone repair.
  • Independent Repair status to ensure reliable repair from Apple-certified Technicians
  • Ever bought defective phone iPhone repair parts from shops in Oxfordshire? Were there lots of inconveniences by dishonest providers?
  • Good news! Now you don’t have to spend so much time checking your product for flaws. No need to pour over the fine print of contracts. You can proceed with your handphone repair confidently.

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